The Automated Planet Finder

The Automated Planet Finder is a facility on Mount Hamilton with a high resolution optical echelle spectrometer. Currently, a fraction of time on the APF is available for the greater UC community.

Introduction to the APF

The APF runs nightly, observing a list of targets in an automated manner. Each target on this list is observed with the Levy spectrometer.

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Observation Planning

The Levy is a high resolution spectrometer with multiple options for slit apertures. To aid in planning, we have an exposure time calculator. Beyond an exposure time and instrument configuration, observation planning requires some notion of a schedule.

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Each target for the APF needs a simple description. This a expanded version of the star-list entry that is used at Mount Hamilton or Keck. We provide a way of generating these descriptions for you.

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Data Archive

All APF data are stored in the Mount Hamilton Data Archive. This provides a rapid way of collecting your data and an independent long term storage for data.

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