FITS Header keywords

The science frames of the Levy spectrometer contain a number of FITS header values. There are two sources for these keywords, one is the APF UCAM controller. The second are a list of APF KTL service keywords.

KTL keywords in the FITS header

Below we have a list of KTL keywords with the corresponding FITS header keyword. The comment lists the units, if any, and a short description. In addition, the command gshow -s service.keyword -lh will provide the long help description of the keyword on any of the four linux hosts for the APF.

apfguide.AVG_FWHM: name=AVG_FWHM comment=[pixel] Guide image average FWHM
apfguide.AVGOFFSET_AZ: name=AVGOFFAZ comment=[arcsec] Autoguider average offset (az)
apfguide.AVGOFFSET_EL: name=AVGOFFEL comment=[arcsec] Autoguider average offset (el)
apfguide.AVG_S_A: name=AVG_SMAJ comment=[pixel] Guide image average semi-major axis
apfguide.AVG_S_B: name=AVG_SMIN comment=[pixel] Guide image average semi-minor axis
apfguide.AVG_S_THETA: name=AVGSTHET comment=[deg] Guide image average centroid angle
apfguide.PLATESCALE: name=GPSCALE comment=[arcsec/pixel] Guide image platescale
apfguide.RMS_FLUX: name=RMS_FLUX comment=[adu] Guide image RMS target flux
apfguide.RMS_FWHM: name=RMS_FWHM comment=[pixel] Guide image RMS FWHM
apfguide.RMSOFFSET_AZ: name=RMSOFFAZ comment=[arcsec] Autoguider RMS offset (az)
apfguide.RMSOFFSET_EL: name=RMSOFFEL comment=[arcsec] Autoguider RMS offset (el)
apfguide.RMS_S_A: name=RMS_SMAJ comment=[pixel] Guide image RMS semi-major axis
apfguide.RMS_S_B: name=RMS_SMIN comment=[pixel] Guide image RMS semi-minor axis
apfguide.RMS_S_THETA: name=RMSSTHET comment=[deg] Guide image RMS centroid angle
apfguide.XPOSE_THRESH: name=MAXCOUNT comment=Maximum allowed photon count
apfiod.DISPSTA: name=ICELCTRL comment=Iodine cell Omega dispatcher status
apfiod.SETPOINT: name=ICELSETP comment=[degC] Iodine cell temperature set point
apfiod.TEMP: name=ICELTEMP comment=[degC] Iodine cell temperature
apfmon.STRUTAVG_TC: name=STRUTAVG comment=[degC] Spectr strut average temp
apfmot.ADCRAW: name=ADCRAW comment=ADC load encoder
apfmot.ADCTMC: name=ADCMOTTP comment=[degC] Motor temp for ADC
apfmot.ADCVAL: name=ADCVAL comment=[mm] ADC position
apfmot.ADCVAX: name=ADCVAX comment=[deg] ADC correction
apfmot.BOARD1TC: name=RACK1TMP comment=[degC] Electronics rack board 1 temperature
apfmot.BOARD2TC: name=RACK2TMP comment=[degC] Electronics rack board 2 temperature
apfmot.BOTAIRTC: name=BOTAIRT comment=[degC] Spectr optical bench bottom air temp
apfmot.BOTRAKTC: name=RACKBTMP comment=[degC] Electronics rack bottom temperature
apfmot.BOTSRFTC: name=BOTSRFT comment=[degC] Spectr optical bench bot. surface temp
apfmot.BYPASS_VALVE: name=GCBYPVLV comment=[V] Glycol bypass valve
apfmot.CALMIRRORNAM: name=CMIRRNAM comment=Calibration mirror position
apfmot.CALMIRRORRAW: name=CMIRRRAW comment=Calibration mirror load encoder
apfmot.CALMIRRORTMC: name=MIRMOTTP comment=[degC] Motor temp for cal. mirror
apfmot.CALSOURCENAM: name=CSRCNAM comment=Calibration source position
apfmot.CALSOURCERAW: name=CSRCRAW comment=Calibration source load encoder
apfmot.CALSOURCETMC: name=SRCMOTTP comment=[degC] Motor temp for cal. source
apfmot.DECKERNAM: name=DECKRNAM comment=Slit/decker position
apfmot.DECKERRAW: name=DECKRRAW comment=Slit/decker load encoder
apfmot.DECKERTMC: name=APRMOTTP comment=[degC] Motor temp for aperture plate
apfmot.DEWARFOCRAW: name=DFOCRAW comment=Dewar focus load encoder
apfmot.DEWARFOCTMC: name=DWRMOTTP comment=[degC] Motor temp for dewar focus
apfmot.DEWARFOCVAL: name=DFOCVAL comment=[mm] Dewar focus position
apfmot.DEWARSTAGE_C: name=DWRSTTMP comment=[degC] Dewar mechanical stage temp
apfmot.DEWAR_VALVE: name=GCUCMVLV comment=[V] Glycol valve for UCAM controller
apfmot.DISP0STA: name=DISP0STA comment=apfmot dispatcher 0 status
apfmot.EXT_BOT_C: name=SPEXTBTP comment=[degC] Spectrograph external bottom temp
apfmot.EXT_HUMID: name=SPEXTRH comment=[%] Spectrograph external relative humidity
apfmot.EXT_TOP_C: name=SPEXTTTP comment=[degC] Spectrograph external top temp
apfmot.GCAM_P1_C: name=GCAMP1TP comment=[degC] Guide camera port 1 temp
apfmot.GCAM_P2_C: name=GCAMP2TP comment=[degC] Guide camera port 2 temp
apfmot.GUIDEFOCTMC: name=GFCMOTTP comment=[degC] Motor temp for guide focus
apfmot.HALOGEN1: name=HALOGEN1 comment=Halogen lamp 1
apfmot.HALOGEN2: name=HALOGEN2 comment=Halogen lamp 2
apfmot.HEATX_C: name=GCXCHTMP comment=[degC] Spectr heat exchanger temp
apfmot.HEATXFAN: name=HEATXFAN comment=Spectr heat exchanger fan
apfmot.HEATX_VALVE: name=GCXCHVLV comment=[V] Glycol valve for heat exchanger
apfmot.INT_HUMID: name=SPINTRH comment=[%] Spectrograph internal relative humidity
apfmot.INTSPHERE_C: name=INTSPHT comment=[degC] Spectr integrating sphere temp
apfmot.IODINENAM: name=ICELNAM comment=Iodine cell position
apfmot.IODINERAW: name=ICELRAW comment=Iodine cell load encoder
apfmot.IODINETMC: name=IODMOTTP comment=[degC] Motor temp for iodine cell
apfmot.LAMPLOOP_C: name=GCLMPTMP comment=[degC] Glycol temp leaving cal. lamp
apfmot.LAMPS_VALVE: name=GCLMPVLV comment=[V] Glycol valve for cal. lamp
apfmot.MANIFOLD_C: name=GCMANTMP comment=[degC] Glycol temp leaving spec. chiller
apfmot.MIDRAKTC: name=RACKMTMP comment=[degC] Electronics rack middle temperature
apfmot.OMEGAPOWER: name=OMEGAPOW comment=Iodine cell Omega controller power
apfmot.STRUT1_C: name=STRUT1 comment=[degC] Spectr strut 1 temp
apfmot.STRUT2_C: name=STRUT2 comment=[degC] Spectr strut 2 temp
apfmot.STRUT3_C: name=STRUT3 comment=[degC] Spectr strut 3 temp
apfmot.STRUT4_C: name=STRUT4 comment=[degC] Spectr strut 4 temp
apfmot.STRUT5_C: name=STRUT5 comment=[degC] Spectr strut 5 temp
apfmot.STRUT6_C: name=STRUT6 comment=[degC] Spectr strut 6 temp
apfmot.THORIUM1: name=THORIUM1 comment=Thorium lamp 1
apfmot.THORIUM2: name=THORIUM2 comment=Thorium lamp 2
apfmot.TOPAIRTC: name=TOPAIRT comment=[degC] Spectr optical bench top air temp
apfmot.TOPRAKTC: name=RACKTTMP comment=[degC] Electronics rack top temperature
apfmot.TOPSRFTC: name=TOPSRFT comment=[degC] Spectr optical bench top surface temp
apfmot.UCAM_CTRLR_C: name=UCAMEXTP comment=[degC] UCAM controller housing temp
apfmot.UCAMLOOP_C: name=GCUCMTMP comment=[degC] Glycol temp leaving UCAM controller
eoscool.DEWPAVG1: name=THUD1DEW comment=[degC] Dome THuD level 1 dewpoint
eoscool.DEWPAVG3: name=THUD3DEW comment=[degC] Dome THuD level 3 dewpoint
eoscool.DEWPAVG4: name=THUD4DEW comment=[degC] Dome THuD level 4 dewpoint
eoscool.RHUMNOW1: name=THUD1RH comment=[%] Dome THuD level 1 relative humidity
eoscool.RHUMNOW3: name=THUD3RH comment=[%] Dome THuD level 3 relative humidity
eoscool.RHUMNOW4: name=THUD4RH comment=[%] Dome THuD level 4 relative humidity
eoscool.TEMPNOW1: name=THUD1TMP comment=[degC] Dome THuD level 1 temperature
eoscool.TEMPNOW3: name=THUD3TMP comment=[degC] Dome THuD level 3 temperature
eoscool.TEMPNOW4: name=THUD4TMP comment=[degC] Dome THuD level 4 temperature
eosdome.FC1TEMP: name=FCU1TEMP comment=[degC] Dome fan cooling unit 1 temp
eosdome.FC1TTARG: name=FCU1SETP comment=[degC] Dome fan cooling unit 1 setpoint
eosdome.FC2TEMP: name=FCU2TEMP comment=[degC] Dome fan cooling unit 2 temp
eosdome.FC2TTARG: name=FCU2SETP comment=[degC] Dome fan cooling unit 2 setpoint
eosdome.FC3TEMP: name=FCU3TEMP comment=[degC] Dome fan cooling unit 3 temp
eosdome.FC3TTARG: name=FCU3SETP comment=[degC] Dome fan cooling unit 3 setpoint
eosmets.AIRPRES: name=METPRES comment=[hPa] Weather station air pressure
eosmets.AIRTEMP: name=METTEMP comment=[degC] Weather station temperature
eosmets.RAINING: name=METRAIN comment=Weather station rain indicator
eosmets.RELHUMID: name=METRH comment=[%] Weather station relative humidity
eosmets.TMPDEWPT: name=METDEW comment=[degC] Weather station dew point
eosmets.WINDDIR: name=METWINDD comment=[deg] Weather station wind direction
eosmets.WINDSPD: name=METWINDS comment=[m/s] Weather station wind speed
eostele.AAFOCDCX: name=AAFOCDCX comment=[m] Telescope focus absolute X decenter
eostele.AAFOCDCY: name=AAFOCDCY comment=[m] Telescope focus absolute Y decenter
eostele.AAFOCTIP: name=AAFOCTIP comment=[rad] Telescope focus absolute tip
eostele.AAFOCTLT: name=AAFOCTLT comment=[rad] Telescope focus absolute tilt
eostele.AAFOCUS: name=AAFOCUS comment=[m] Telescope focus absolute position
eostele.ACFOCDCX: name=ACFOCDCX comment=[m] Telescope focus compensated X decenter
eostele.ACFOCDCY: name=ACFOCDCY comment=[m] Telescope focus compensated Y decenter
eostele.ACFOCTIP: name=ACFOCTIP comment=[rad] Telescope focus compensated tip
eostele.ACFOCTLT: name=ACFOCTLT comment=[rad] Telescope focus compensated tilt
eostele.ACFOCUS: name=ACFOCUS comment=[m] Telescope focus compensated position
eostele.AIRMASS: name=AIRMASS comment=Airmass at end of exposure
eostele.CAFOCDCX: name=CAFOCDCX comment=[m] Telescope focus commanded abs. X decenter
eostele.CAFOCDCY: name=CAFOCDCY comment=[m] Telescope focus commanded abs. Y decenter
eostele.CAFOCTIP: name=CAFOCTIP comment=[rad] Telescope focus commanded abs. tip
eostele.CAFOCTLT: name=CAFOCTLT comment=[rad] Telescope focus commanded abs. tilt
eostele.CAFOCUS: name=CAFOCUS comment=[m] Telescope focus commanded abs. position
eostele.CAZ: name=AZ comment=[deg] Telescope azimuth
eostele.CCFOCDCX: name=CCFOCDCX comment=[m] Telescope focus commanded comp. X decenter
eostele.CCFOCDCY: name=CCFOCDCY comment=[m] Telescope focus commanded comp. Y decenter
eostele.CCFOCTIP: name=CCFOCTIP comment=[rad] Telescope focus commanded comp. tip
eostele.CCFOCTLT: name=CCFOCTLT comment=[rad] Telescope focus commanded comp. tilt
eostele.CCFOCUS: name=CCFOCUS comment=[m] Telescope focus commanded comp. position
eostele.CDEC: name=DEC comment=Telescope declination
eostele.CEL: name=EL comment=[deg] Telescope elevation
eostele.CHA: name=HA comment=Telescope hour angle
eostele.CRA: name=RA comment=Telescope right ascension
eostele.FOCENAB: name=FOCENAB comment=Telescope focus enabled (Yes or No)
eostele.FOCTYPE: name=FOCTYPE comment=Telescope focus type
eostele.TARGET: name=TOBJECT comment=Telescope target object name
eosti8k.TAVERAGE: name=TAVERAGE comment=[degC] telescope truss average temperature
eosti8k.TCAIR175: name=TCAIR175 comment=[degC] telescope Center Section Air 6:30 temperature
eosti8k.TM1S210: name=TM1S210 comment=[degC] telescope M1 Sensor 7:00 temperature
eosti8k.TM2CAIR: name=TM2CAIR comment=[degC] telescope M2 Can Air temperature
eosti8k.TM2CSUR: name=TM2CSUR comment=[degC] telescope M2 Can Surface temperature
eosti8k.TTRUS045: name=TTRUS045 comment=[degC] Telescope truss 1:30 surface temp
eosti8k.TTRUS135: name=TTRUS135 comment=[degC] Telescope truss 4:30 surface temp
eosti8k.TTRUS225: name=TTRUS225 comment=[degC] Telescope truss 7:30 surface temp
eosti8k.TTRUS315: name=TTRUS315 comment=[degC] Telescope truss 10:30 surface temp

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