Rebooting APF’s computers

There are a total of seven computers in the APF. In case of a power down, or to reboot them, they need to be brought up in a specific order. First, bring up the three windows machines, in the order below. Then start the four linux computers.

EOS and EOST machines

There are three (3) APF computers from EOS(T). Each machine runs Windows/XP. The order in which they need to be rebooted is the order of the list below.

  1. dcc - This is the master. EOS controls the dome and everything else
  2. tcc - This is the telescope control computer. EOST
  3. agc - This is the guider computer. EOST
The monitor for the Dome Control Computer

The monitor for the Dome Control Computer

Rebooting the dcc

The recommended process for rebooting the dcc is to connect via remote desktop. From there, reboot using the Cntrl-Alt-Del key combination.


After restarting the dcc check:

  1. The cooling system and the fan control units are in the correct state.

Rebooting the tcc and agc

Using the eosSystemManagementInterface, reboot the tcc and agc.

Restarting EOS services

Using the eosSystemManagementInterface, examine the services on each machine, namely the dcc, the tcc and agc. Services on the tcc and agc can be easily restarted. dcc services, however, can be controlled only at a granular level. Restarting some services will, in effect, stop the eosSystemManagementInterface forcing a restart.

Linux hosts

There are four (4) APF from computers that running Linux. These should be booted in the order below.

  1. hamburg - most apf services are hosted here
  2. warsaw - this hosts the UCAM
  3. dresden - this is the guider computer
  4. mainz - this is the user facing machine
Hamburg and Warsaw in the electronics rack.

Hamburg and Warsaw in the electronics rack.

The easiest way to restart each machine is to log in as root and use the /sbin/reboot command.

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