Slew Failures

Occasionally the telescope will fail when slewing. When running robot.csh, the script will attempt a second move. This usually clears the problem.

Once, however, this failed. If this happens again, the way to move forward is to try the following procedure.

Failure of Slew Recovery by Robot

If the robot fails because it cannot slew, we have one case where following the procedure below cleared the problem.

  1. manually close the dome shutters using the GUI via the home command
  2. disable_dome_azdrive
  3. enable_dome_azdrive
  4. slew -e 15
  5. open_dome
  6. resume observing

The closing of the dome is in case the slew problem was actually caused by some other, deeper issue. After powering off the telescope, we may enter a state where we cannot recover. So, just to be safe, we close the dome.

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