The APF Data Archive

Data from the APF are archived as part of the Mount Hamilton Archive.

The Data Archive

Data frames are transfered to the MH archive as the network connection allows. There are two locations for the archive, one on Mount Hamilton and a second one on the UCSC campus. The latter has the publicly available connection as well.

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Where is My Data?

All data are archived by instrument and date. To find the data from a particular night, the click on the year and month combination.


Then click on the date


The actual data will be the directory labeled APF while the guider movies for each observation will be APFguide

What is stored?

The archive stores the raw frames. If the frame is part of an on sky observation, there should be a corresponding guider movie in the APFguide directory.

Only raw frames, including calibrations are stored in the archive. No star-lists are stored. A "night" is defined to be from noon to noon. Therefore any additional frames taken in the morning as a second set of calibrations will be available.