The Automated Planet Finder

The Automated Planet Finder is a facility on Mount Hamilton with a high resolution optical echelle spectrometer. Currently, a fraction of time on the APF is available for the greater UC community.

Introduction to the APF

The APF runs nightly, observing a list of targets in an automated manner. Each target on this list is observed with the Levy spectrometer.

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Observation Planning

The Levy is a high resolution spectrometer with multiple options for slit apertures. To aid in planning, we have an exposure time calculator.

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System Throughput

The APF is a high throughput system, with a peak system efficiency of around 14%. We use these real measurements in our exposure time calculator.

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Each target for the APF needs a simple description. This a expanded version of the star-list entry that is used at Mount Hamilton or Keck. We provide a way of generating these descriptions for you.

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The automated software focuses the instrument and then acquires a set of standard calibrations. This can be customized, and we show the script used to generate the standard calibrations.

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Data Archive

All APF data are stored in the Mount Hamilton Data Archive. This provides a rapid way of collecting your data and an independent long term storage for data.

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